Team Organizational Structure

To maximize the efficiency of our team, The ASTECHZ have an organizational structure to allow all members of the team to do their job adeptly. While we rely on the help of our mentors, they are exactly that – help. They are industry professionals who aid and guide the student-led efforts during the pre-build, build, and competition seasons. To further explore the idea of a student-led team, we have two Team Captains who help organize everything in a general scope for the team. There are also four Subteam Leads who lead their respective subteam – Business, Design, Controls, and Fabrication respectively. A way that the ASTECHZ are planning for the future is by having a position which we call ‘Leads in-Training’. The current Leads mentor and teach their Lead in-Training, learning how to manage their subteam, so that the team maintains leadership from year to year. As we prioritize safety, we also have a Safety Captain who helms the effort to keep everyone on our team safe, healthy, and happy.


One of the four subteams available to students interested in joining the ASTECHZ, the Business subteam is in charge of organizing most of everything not having to do with the actual building of the robot. Students who wish to gain leadership, administration, and business experience will have that opportunity through this subteam and the work that they perform for the team as a whole. The Business subteam facilitates fundraisers and sponsorship opportunities, works on various written projects required for the success of the team (i.e. Business Plan), as well as organize the team’s social media presence.   


One of our four subteams available to students interested in joining the ASTECHZ, the Design subteam is responsible for designing and simulating the robot using computer aided design (CAD) based off of ideas generated by the team as a whole. Design members will utilize creativity and problem solving to develop effective solutions to engineering problems. During the first hectic weeks of the Build Season, the Design subteam works to design the robot as a whole, as well as create computer generated drawings of parts and assemblies for the Fabrications subteam to use as guides. Once the designing of the robot is done, this subteam integrates with the Fabrication subteam to help construct the robot.


One of our four subteams available to students interested in joining the ASTECHZ, the Controls subteam is responsible for the overall programming and functionality of our robot as well as the wiring and installation of electrical components. The members of this subteam are responsible for coordinating with both the Design and Fabrication subteams to ensure functionality. Students who wish to join this subteam should have a basic knowledge of electronics and computer programs, however this is not a prerequisite as you will have the opportunity to learn during the Pre-Season.


One of our four subteams available to students interested in joining the ASTECHZ, the Fabrication subteam is in charge of manufacturing, purchasing, and assembling all of the parts necessary to build the robot. Students wishing to join this subteam will have the chance to get hands-on with a variety of power tools, and will work closely with the Controls subteam to integrate electrical and pneumatic systems into the robot.